About the Research

I am a DECRA (Discovery Early Career Research Award) Research Fellow at University of Melbourne, (Victorian College of the Arts) and I’m researching the cultural economy of artist-run initiatives in Australia. In a comparative study I am also investigating artist run spaces in Denmark.

I have set myself the task to visit every artist-run initiative in Australia.

This blog will accompany the visits and research and act as a portal to the encounters, findings and discoveries as I travel across Australia (and Denmark) talking to artists and others involved in artist-run initiatives, projects and communities.

You can follow my Instagram here: ari.experience

I’m primarily interested in artists’ experiences in the context of current artist-run initiatives, either as participating artists or members of an ARI. I’m interested in hearing stories about the experiences, motivations, understandings, contradictions, paradoxes and desires of people making work within this sector.

Questions: What role do ARIs play in artist’s lives? Do ARIs effect or reflect art practices? What is their relationship to the wider community? And most importantly what are artists’ experiences of being involved in ARIs?

My project is very much about artist-runs today and their role in the larger arts landscape – rather than historical artists’ spaces. In sum the motivations, desires, triumphs and catastrophes of artists working in the contemporary moment.

I am very interested in hearing about new artist-runs or those not listed on this blog. If you would like to make a comment or if you know of an ARI not listed on this website, please feel free to let me know through the form below. Thank-you.

About Me: I am an art-maker and art researcher. I have maintained a collaborative art practice with Norie Neumark as Out-of-Sync (http://www.out-of-sync.com) since 1993 – making work that engages with questions of culture, place and memory.

From 2010-2012 I was a Research Fellow at La Trobe University, Melbourne. In 2013 I was awarded a 3-year fellowship from the Australian Research Council to research artist-run initiatives in Australia.

I am the author of Unsitely Aesthetics: uncertain practices in contemporary art (Errant Bodies Press, 2013). There is a dedicated website associated with the unsitely book and project – unsitelyaesthetics.com. The book looks at art practices and projects that exist simultaneously online and offline, a phenomenon that has erupted all around us as network culture spreads across the world as well as reaching into our own lives. These projects take on the challenge to make work across the networks. They are exemplary and diverse, disturbing traditional ideas of site and site-specificity.  Contributions to the website are welcome.