Simone Hine, About, 2017

About by Simone Hine, is a 7 channel video installation presented as part of Decade: Project for Future Alternatives at Boxcopy in Brisbane, July 2017.

I just watched the documentation of  Simone Hine’s video documentation of her About installation. It’s a compelling work that engages the viewer through multiple screens and complex compositions that keep up a perfect rhythm of movement, sound, ideas and process. It’s a stunning tribute to artists thinking about ARIs through the poetic process of art making itself.  Here’s a link to video documentation.


Artist Statement:
About, 2017. Site Specific Seven-Channel Video Installation. 4K. 19min 2sec.
Presented as part of: Decade: Project for Future Alternatives at Boxcopy (Brisbane) July 2017
Invited to reimagine the use of the Boxcopy gallery space and to ponder the possible future direction of artist run practice, Simone Hine has chosen to turn the camera onto artist run institutions themselves. Artists and curators who have made a contribution to Boxcopy over the past ten years, as voluntary staff or exhibitors, have been invited to discuss their ideas about Artist-Run-Initiatives. Each artist or curator taking part in this project has run an Artist-Run-Initiative at some point. These discussions will run alongside the production and installation of a multi-channel video work that will compile these discussions, and will be exhibited at a closing event. The work puts focus onto Artist-Run-Initiatives as institutions, spaces and sites of labour, while relying on the physical space provided by Boxcopy to generate, install and exhibit the final outcome.
Residency: 3 June – 9 July 2017
Event: Saturday 8 July