The Avoca Project 2005-2016: in conversation with Lyndal Jones

Lyndal Jones, The Avoca Project, Watford House, Avoca Victoria

The Avoca Project, is an international art project in regional Victoria, centred on Watford House, a pre-fabricated gold-rush residence imported as numbered planks from Scandinavia via Hamburg in 1852. Over its twelve-year life The Avoca Project has engaged with a wide range of art projects, including land works, exhibitions, performances, film showings, concerts and symposia. During June and July, 2017, Lyndal and I sent emails back and forth across the world in a wide-ranging conversation about The Avoca Project itself,  as well as the last exhibition/project at Watford House, A Wallaby Once Sat Here.

You can read the conversation at Art + Australia online.