Following Amie: the artist at work

Following Amie: the artist at work is a collaboration with ARI artist Amie Anderson, and will open at SEVENTH Gallery, next Wednesday, 19 April.  (20 April – 5 May, 2017)

Following Amie

The work is a video following Amie as she goes about her working life. Armed with only an iPhone 6 and a Selfie Stick, I followed Amie over the course of a week as she worked at three different part-time jobs, as well as acting as co-director of The Food Court ARI, in Melbourne docklands. This state of affairs is a common situation for contemporary artists and as Diego Ramirez describes with poetic efficiency “being an artist is about embracing an excess of labour.”

The work plays at the precarious edge between work as practice and work as economic survival – following the work the artist/s do to make the work, and the work the artists do making the work.