BARI Festival 2016

webBrisbane Artist-Run Initiative Festival or BARI is a biennial event taking place across Brisbane. This year it ran from 6–23 October, 2016.  I was only able to visit during the last 4 days of the Festival and lucky enough to catch dHANAMENTA 2, a one day event and part of The Walls Art Space, offsite program and Sunday Sesh (more later).  BARI is a unique event reflecting the unique and special  ARI scene in Brisbane. It was intense!

Here’s a quote from the opening words of the co-directors Jaclyn Bates and David Don from the BARI program:
“Brisbane has an incredibly unique ARI scene. Unlike other cities, the majority of artist run groups turn to ephemeral sites of display. The space under a Queenslander, a suburban garage, a garden shed, the back of a rental truck are all reimagined for one night shows. The act of going to an exhibition becomes an integral part of the experience, the apprehension of entering an intimate space made public, the social interaction, the ebb and flow of the work itself. Stepping outside of ideas of where and what contemporary art should be.”

This year BARI featured 20 events, featuring over 50 artists. It was a real buzz. You can follow my BARI experience on Instagram @ari.experience