Runway Art Journal: In Response, revisiting a Melbourne perspective

This is Part 2 of Runway Art Journal blog series on ECOLOGIES – An audio conversation between Anabelle Lacroix, Madé Spencer-Castle and me, Maria Miranda.


Anabelle Lacroix

Madé Spencer-Castle

Maria Miranda

As Part 2 of our ongoing blog series on the ecologies of the Artist Run Initiatives, we’re hoping to stimulate further conversation, reflection and debate. We’ve asked all the contributors from Part 1 to create a response to the contributions of their peers. In this week’s instalment, Maria Miranda (Research fellow at the Victorian College of the Arts) leads a conversation with Madé Spencer-Castle (Artist and Curator at Bus Projects) and Anabelle Lacroix (Independent Curator and General Manager at Liquid Architecture) on their responses to the series and to their own experiences. You can read Maria’s first post here.

ACAB in collaboration with Nickk Hertzog, CONCRETE TERRA, 23 July – 16 August, 2014. Photo credit Deb Bain-King. The Front.