The 2016 Sydney ARI Show

2016SYDNEYARISHOW-2The 2016 SYDNEY ARI SHOW will show the work of some of the artists who currently run ARIs in the greater Sydney area. These artists include Brad Allen-Waters, Louise Kate Anderson, Diego Bonetto, Linden Braye, Jenny Brown, Kieran Butler, Penelope Cain, Julian Day, John Demos, Lynne Eastaway, Wayne Hutchins, Lucas Ihlein, Therese Kenyon, Mahalya Middlemist, Sue Pedley, Sherryl Ryan, Tamsin Salehian, Alex Thorby, Gary Warner, Fleur Wiber, Ingrid van der Aa and Miriam Williamson.

Also on Sunday 3 April, 2-5pm
ARI Discussion: Collaborations and Concerns

All directors and representatives of Sydney ARIs are welcome to participate. Guest speaker Maria Miranda, DECRA Research fellow at Victorian College of the Arts, University of Melbourne.

The purpose of this project is to foster closer ties between the many and varied artist-run-initiatives (ARIs) that play such an important role in the Sydney and wider art world. ARIs play this role by supporting artists’ communities, as well as the experimental and new work for which artists’ communities provide such an appreciative and well-informed audience.  This project hopes that by strengthening these ties we can together become a stronger and louder voice, and build appeal among art-interested audiences everywhere. We hope that this will become an annual event and extend more widely across ARIs, and involve ARIs outside of Sydney as well.

Participating ARIs include: Ultimo Project, TAP, SNO, SafARI, NORTH, MOP, MAP, CULTURE AT WORK, BIG FAG PRESS, Articulate project space.

Other ARIs will also be participating in the discussion on Sunday 3 April.
Artist Run Initiative links: The ARI Experience and ARTIST RUN.