Curious Art Co-operative

Right near the NSW/ Queensland border is the town of Chinderah where I found a very unique artist-run gallery called Curious Art Gallery. And it is curious. It is situated in the front office building of the local caravan park.

The space is full of all sorts of things. artists’ books, sculptures, drawings, paintings, cards, objects and other ephemera. The collective is eclectic – this is no white cube minimalist modernist gallery, with strict protocols, rather there is a feeling of open-ness and curiosity. On their website they state that “Curious Art is a progressive art movement.”


In 2011, Curious Art celebrated their 10 year anniversary.IMG_7138-copyThe day I visited, Clare Johnson was minding the gallery. She is an artist who makes whimsical and charming drawings that she calls Miss Prissy’s World Series.

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