Articulate Project Space

On my last visit to Sydney, back in August, I visited Articulate Project Space in Leichhardt. It’s located on a non-descript part of Parramatta Road – a block past Norton St. I was very keen to see this space as many Sydney artists had mentioned it when I described my ARI project. There was a certain buzz and excitement around the space. I was getting a good feeling. So I went. It’s true. It’s a great space, with lots of good energy. The day I visited there was a lot of buzzy preparation noises as artists prepared for the opening of Black and White. The space had been a former garage reformed into an airy and atmospheric artspace with enough room for several artists’ studios upstairs and the major exhibition space downstairs. When I interviewed Sue Callanan, Kate Williams and Wies Schuiringa they mentioned that the original idea was more focused on having artists’ spaces, rather than setting up a gallery or ARI. It just sort of evolved as people realised what a great space it was and as artists began working together, and inviting other artists to show their work.


Kate Williams, Sue Callanan and Wies Schuiringa in the upstairs space.

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