Library Artspace residency

IMG_5916Beginning next Monday, Norie and I will finally have time and space to work on our CoalFace project. We’ve got a residency at The Library Art Space here in Melbourne. Library Artspace invites people to work in the space for a month – at the end of the month artists have a closing event, rather than opening event. This is a great idea for us, as we desperately need the time set aside and the space.

In preparation, last weekend we took a roadtrip to the La Trobe Valley to see the brown coal Power stations and open cut mines. The La Trobe Valley is the most beautiful green valley, with gently rolling hills and dales with tons of cows grazing on the green pasture. And then suddenly on the horizon looms the gigantic power stations. Monumental and grand. If I wasn’t worried about the effects of coal mining on the health of the planet I would have to say they are amazing and astonishing pieces of architecture.  Hazelwood, considered the dirtiest mine in the OECD – looked amazing. Huge and ominous, the film Metropolis came immediately to mind. Loy Yang was another Power station that we visited where you can actually drive through and see the enormous open-cut mine on one side and the power station on the other.

During the month-long residency I will blog my own experience of being an artist working in an ARI. Research by immersion.  We’ve also set up a Tumblr blog for the project – Coal Face.


Loy Yang Power Station, La Trobe Valley. View from Miner’s view.


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